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Set Point. Happiness

Who doesn’t want to be happy or happier?  Even the US Declaration of Independence offers the pursuit of happiness as an unalienable right.  Evidence shows that happy people are more productive, more likable, more active, more healthy, more friendly, more helpful, more...

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Where are you located?

One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Lisa Natoli with A Course In Miracles (ACIM).  She often suggests we ask ourselves the question, "Where are you located?".  To answer this question we need to look inside to notice where our minds are and reminds us that we...

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Rest Your Worried Mind

Worry.  Don't we all?   We worry about our jobs. We worry about our kids, our relationships. Worry about our finances.  Worry about our health and the wellbeing of others. We worry about what politicians are doing. What corporations are doing.  Heck we can find pretty...

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Present. Moment. Gratitude.

I love yoga.  And I'm someone who likes to get to Yoga class early so I can pick my favorite spot.  A while ago I started to notice that I was feeling stressed in my yoga class.  I'm not talking about the difficulty of the poses or pace of the class.  The problems it...

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Better Than Ever!

"Violence has been in decline for thousands of years and we are living in possibly the most peaceable era in the existence of our species", states Professor Steven Pinker in his book The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. Wait.  What? Is he...

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Deliberate Vibrations

Quantum physics is very clear; everything in the universe is energy and resonating with it's own vibrational frequency.   As strange as it may seem even we humans are energetic, vibrational beings.  So much goes on that we can't see with our physical eyes.  According...

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