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If you are like me, you are feeling disillusioned with politics these days. The corruption is rampant as only those in the top 1% reap the benefits and unscrupulous, corporate politicians make important decisions that negatively affect our lives. It’s a corrupt, deceptive system that calls itself “democracy” and is anything but.

That’s why I’ve got my eye on Marianne Williamson. As a spiritual teacher, author and lecturer, she’s not like career politicians. She is one of us, capable of speaking to the grief we all feel with a system that keeps us all separate and in fear. She understands what it’s doing to us as a society. In her book, Tears to Triumph, she writes about our current situation:

“We’re lured into false beliefs about who we are and who we are to each other – essentially believing that we are ultimately nothing and we are nothing to each other; such beliefs accumulate to the point of becoming a massive unquestioned lie that spreads across the consciousness of humanity like a blanket of doom…We are taught to fear rather than to love one another.”

And that is where we find ourselves, isn’t it? In fear rather than love. But why does it have to be this way? Or, does it have to be that way?

Marianne goes on to say, “a fear-based, materially obsessed mentality has leached a sense of spiritual purpose from the bones of our civilization and this hurts us.”…We do not – and cannot – emotionally fit into a world in which no transcendent meaning is ascribed to the experience of being human: in which no deep connection or mutual responsibility is presupposed in our connection to other living things: in which more forces exist to separate us than to unite us; and in which our worth is determined primarily by external factors.”

With a lack of a larger spiritual perspective on how we live in this world and how we treat each other, we are lost. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We’ve forgotten that. We’ve forgotten who we truly are and Marianne can help remind us. She can remind us that we are “powerful beyond measure”. That is the truth of who we are. She can help remind each one of us that, “Our playing small does not serve the world.” She’s the only one in the race who is truly capable of pulling us out of the darkness we’ve lived through to the light. To trusting ourselves. To being there for each other. To love.

Whether she wins or loses, she has an important perspective. A hopeful perspective. She has a mindset that understands the true purpose of our social connections and responsibilities which you will never hear from a politician.

In an interview she said, “We need a politics from the inside out. You can’t change anything only by changing things on the outside… Not a business, not a relationship, not an organization, not a life. Only temporary change can happen that way. What we need now is a renewed conversation about what it means to be human, in our politics as much as everywhere else. That’s what our Founders were talking about. How we are created equal. How we have inalienable rights, not just because we are entitled brats who want what we want but because we are given those rights by God. How it is the natural state of humanity to be free of tyranny, political or economic or any other kind. How to establish a society that honors those things. We have strayed from the important existential questions of life, and that is why our politics are sick. They do not speak either to our depths or from our depths. They are shallow and selfish and greedy and corrupted. They do not display the purity of heart that is the truth of who we are as people. Until that changes, our country will continue on a perilous course. But when that changes, we will begin to heal in the twinkling of an eye.”

I know we are all ready for a change and to see the end of the old, toxic, worn out system. I don’t believe that any one person can fix all of the problems that befall us but do believe Marianne Williamson is an important part of the change we need to see. She can help us pick up the pieces and connect to the truth; out of which we can ground a new foundation to build our democracy on. I hope you will join me in supporting her so that we can rise up as one. Human to human. Remembering the truth of who we are, to each other. Isn’t it time?

Marianne Williamson’s newest book – A Politics of Love