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Worry.  Don’t we all?   We worry about our jobs. We worry about our kids, our relationships. Worry about our finances.  Worry about our health and the wellbeing of others. We worry about what politicians are doing. What corporations are doing.  Heck we can find pretty much anything to worry about.

It seems we are always trying to anticipate or solve problems and to ease our concerns by working things out in our minds.  In worrying we tend to overestimate threats, catastrophize and predict the worst possible outcome due to our negativity bias (see blog Deliberate Vibrations).   We believe our own stories, and we ruminate when there is no actual threat present. In other words, we create our own suffering.

Have you ever heard the adage that “worrying is praying for what you don’t want”?  In fact it’s true.  Focusing on potential problems makes it more likely they’ll occur.  The Law of Attraction posits that we attract people, circumstances, and things into our life that are similar to our most predominate thoughts. Therefore when you think and worry about what you don’t want, you are actually inviting it to manifest.  Our external reality is like a mirror reflecting what goes on in our minds.  “Attention is your power source.  Nothing really happens willy-nilly.  You are creating your own reality by what you choose to give your attention to”, says Oprah Winfrey.

Worrying isn’t healthy.  The body reacts to every thought as if it were reality.  Worry increases your cortisol level which compromises your immune system and makes you more susceptible to disease. Not to mention that we can become so preoccupied with our worries we aren’t paying attention to what is happening in front of us, in this moment.

The late Wayne Dyer, in his book, Theres a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, suggested that we pay attention to our thoughts. When you find yourself worried about something stop yourself and ask, “What do I want”?.  And then turn it around into a positive intention (or prayer) creating a future scenerio.  “Its very important to clear up your mind so you stop the egoic, negative self talk says Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth.  “I recommend coming into this present moment and take one or two conscious breaths.”  Meditation is a practice that brings you into the present moment allowing you to empty your mind of worries.   And when you come into the present moment you are able to realize that all is well in this moment.  Present moment awareness connects you to Source energy, to God.

We are all doing the best we can.  It’s important to watch our thoughts without judgement and resistance.  We can keep in mind that thoughts, worries and situations come and go just like the clouds.  They change from day to day, minute by minute.  “This too shall pass” is a mantra we can use when experiencing worry, reminding us of suffering’s fleeting nature.  From this larger perspective, It’s easier to see that everything is as it should be and is for our highest good.

A Course In Miracles teaches that although we seem to have one problem after another, there is really only one problem – that we feel separate from Source, from love.  Feeling separate from Source, we feel alone, solely responsible for our lives and solving the hefty problems we are confronted with. Recognizing our oneness with God and each other we are able to sense there is more to this existence, more to us, with more love and support available than we realize and can see with our eyes.  We learn we can trust the flow of life which offers freedom and peace.  The solution, therefore, to all of our problems has already been solved, the Course says: there is no separation.

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Blog Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash